o shooting has a bearing on the 2016 presidential election campaign. Republican ▓Donald Trump placed responsibility a▓t the feet of radicals and vowed to ban Musl

im immigrants. While Democrat Hillary Clinton warned against demagoguery.>;> China-US hold talks on cyber securityChinese and US offici▓als have begun their s

econd hig▓h-level dialogue on cybercrime in Beijing. China's Minister of Public Security Guo Shengkun a▓nd US Under Secretary for Natio▓nal Protection and Programs Directora▓

te at the Department of Homeland Security, S▓uzanne Spaulding hosted the event

on Tuesda▓y. >> Euro 2016: Six English fans convicted over riotsFollowing more than ten▓ years of negotiation and two years of technical ▓fine tuning, the European Union and six Southern African countries, signed an Economic P

artnership Agreement in Botswana. The de▓al seeks to build on an existing 60-billion-Euro-a-year trade relationship.>;> IMF warns about China's growing vulnerabilities>> Special AS▓EAN-China foreign ministers' mee▓ting

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